We Want to build World’s best Intra-City Logistics Company, by solving the toughest problems of our customers.

In Early 2018, when we started exploring the intra-city logistics market in India, it was fragmented and inefficient. There was no standardized pricing or processes. Technology could be used to solve this problem.

Spot markets for intra-city logistics had no organized player and traditional logistics companies were unable to provide efficiencies for fixed contracts. They were asset heavy and riddled with non-existent or primitive technology platforms.

We saw a need for a different kind of a company to handle large logistics problems of traditional and new age businesses. We believed that solving for India, is solving for the world. That is why we founded TruckzIndia

What We Offer


TruckzIndia provide the most Transparent and Competitive Pricing Model in the entire Industry.


TruckzIndia team works Hard and Smart to provide you a platform so you can focus on your business peacefully, as the burden of moving is on us !

Customized Services

TruckzIndia offers customized solutions that fit the business needs of different customers with its flexible support plans

Services Offered

Attached / Fixed Vehicles

TruckzIndia Provides any type of Commercial Vehicles to its customers based on their requirements on Attached / Fixed / Dedicated Module. With this module our customers will get fixed vehicles and drivers every day which will make their goods transportation hassle free.

Adhoc / Extra Vehicles

Apart from Fixed/Dedicated vehicles we also provides Adhoc/ Extra Vehicles to its customers so that whenever our customers have extra load (Goods) to be delivered specially in peak season they will not have to spend their time and we will be one point of contact for any kind of service.

Book Mini Trucks in Seconds

Now, You can Book a Truck with just a Click! By Using our Mobile Application and website you can book Mini Trucks in Seconds from anywhere in the City with the most Transparent and Best Pricing Model in the Industry.

Our Features

Cost Effective


Real Time Tracking

Types of Vehicles

Ape - 3 Wheeler

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

Tata Ace

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

Bolero Pick Up

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

Tata Super Ace

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

Tata 407

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

Canter - 17 Ft & 19 Ft

Open / Tarpaulin & Container Body

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